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Use this plugin to easily create surveys and graded quizzes. You can track the results and guide users to different locations based on their scores. Use the WordPress Simple Survey plugin to easily create surveys, quizzes, polls, and questionnaires and track the results. The plugin creates a seamless experience for the user; no loading and reloading of webpages. The browser-tested plugin uses responsive design, so it functions beautifully on any size screen. Here's how it works: select how each question is weighted to determine the user's final score. When a quiz is submitted, you can have the results sent to a predefined email address, or simply log in to the WordPress backend to view, email and export submissions as a CSV file. Get creative! Once a quiz is submitted, you can send users to any custom URL based on their score. Upgrade to the Extended Version for even more functions and features, like multiple response questions and free text options.

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291 websites use the WordPress WordPress Simple Survey plugin