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Theme Name: Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions  

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Easy to use customizations for the default theme Twenty Eleven--add sidebars back into your blog pages, and quickly change individual color settings. Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions is an easy-to-use plugin designed for use with the latest default WordPress theme, Twenty Eleven. It adds a set of customizable features for the theme, designed to add more flexibility to the theme's design without having to modify the template files. The features include: Add the widget sidebar to all pages, and single-post pages. Optionally center the navigation links at the top of single-post pages with a sidebar. Adjust the alignment of sidebar widget titles. Automatically turn sticky posts into single-line headlines to alert your readers of something important. Change the default height of the banner image in the header. Add custom CSS styles for your site safely, in a place that won't be overwritten when you update WordPress or Twenty Eleven. NEW: Modify tw

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378 websites use the WordPress Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions plugin