Sidebar Manager Light WordPress Plugin

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Create custom sidebars (widget areas) and replace any existing sidebar so you can display relevant content on different pages. You can now replace an existing sidebar (widget area) with a custom sidebar for one or group of pages. The content of the new sidebar will be displayed on the exact same spot as the one you select to replace only for those pages you selected. Once created all custom sidebars will be available in Appearance -> Widgets. You can drop any number of widgets in any of your custom sidebars. They work exacly the same way as the default once. Add as many sidebars (widget areas) as you need. Creating sidebars(widget areas) is unlimited. WMPL plugin support so you can display sidebars and widgets based on language. Sidebars can be displayed based on User role too. Upgrade to the full version of Sidebar and Widget Manager |

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231 websites use the WordPress Sidebar Manager Light plugin