Nivo Slider for WordPress WordPress Plugin

Theme Name: nivo-slider-for-wordpress

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Atenção: O plugin está sendo descontinuado, mas você pode usar o Simple Responsive Slider no lugar! :) Warning: The plugin is being discontinued, but you can use the Simple Responsive Slider Nivo Slider for WordPress plugin is based on S3Slider developed by Vinicius Massuchetto, adapted for their use JQuery Nivo Slider. Upload and crop images, define captions and links; Set the size, order, timout of the slider, transition effect, slide transition speed, Pause time between the transitions, background color caption, text color caption, opacity background color caption; Enable or disable navigation arrows, use left & right on keyboard, Show only the navigation arrows when mouse is on the slide, Stop animation while the mouse is on the slide, Force manual transitions; Edit a text to be shown on each image;

436 websites use the WordPress Nivo Slider for WordPress plugin