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Mistape allows readers to effortlessly notify site staff about found spelling errors. Strive to keep your content flawless? Mistape will help! Let your readers notify you about spelling mistakes they may encounter. Make them feel attentive and helpful, and show your care fixing reported errors. On Ctrl+Enter event, plugin sends selected text along with paragraph and page URL it belongs to an email address selected in admin settings page. You can choose among administrators and editors, or specify another address. The plugin is very lightweight. The "press Ctrl+Enter..." caption (or your own text) can be configured to be automatically appended to selected post types, or be inserted anywhere using a shortcode. Disabled features don't get loaded so performance impact is minimized to the lowest notch. Besides text, caption also can be set as image defined by URL. Mistape is full of hooks enabling you to modify its behavior the way yo

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56 websites use the WordPress Mistape plugin