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Synchronize your WordPress Users with a MailChimp list. MailChimp User Sync Synchronize your registered WordPress users with a MailChimp list of your choice. To use MailChimp User Sync, please install either the free or the premium version of the MailChimp for WordPress plugin. MailChimp User Sync, at a glance.. MailChimp User Sync will watch for changes in your WordPress user base and automatically synchronize any changes with a selected MailChimp list. Automatically subscribe new users to your MailChimp list. Sync all profile changes with MailChimp, even when a user's email address changes. When a user is deleted, the associated MailChimp subscriber will be unsubscribed as well. Synchronize all user roles or a

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91 websites use the WordPress MailChimp User Sync plugin