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Create a simple, non-annoying lightbox popup in your blog. A quicklook into Lightbox Pop ★ Create popup lightbox ★ Full control on popup content ★ Standard WordPress content editor ★ Display position and dimension control ★ Timeout based popup display ★ Display based on browsed number of pages ★ Css settings like color, z-index, overlay opacity, border etc ★ Shortcode for displaying popup in specific pages ★ Display specificaly in pages/posts/home page This plugin allows you to create a lightbox popup with custom contents. You can customize the popup display by configuring various settings such as position settings (height, width, top,left), display logic settings (time delay after page load, number of pages to browse, lightbox repeat interval) and style settings(z-index, overlay opacity, color, border etc). You can use the plugin to display any type of contents such as special promotions,

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62 websites use the WordPress Lightbox Pop plugin