Kama Thumbnail WordPress Plugin

Theme Name: Kama Thumbnail  

Theme Used on: 49 websites

Create any thumbnails on fly and cache result. Auto-create of post thumbs based on: WP post thumbnail or first img in post content/attachment. Super convenient way to create post thumbnails on the fly without server overload. The best alternative to scripts like "thumbnail.php". Usage The plugin for developers firstly, because it don't do anything after install. In order to the plugin begin to work, you need use one of plugin function in your theme or plugin. Example: <?php echo kama_thumb_img('w=150 &h=150'); ?> Using the code in the loop you will get ready thumbnail IMG tag. Plugin takes post thumbnail image or find first image in post content, resize it and create cache. Also creates custom field for the post with URL to original image. In simple words it cache all routine and in next page loads just take cache result. You can make thumbs from custom URL, like this: <?php echo kama_thumb_img('w=150 &h=150


49 websites use the WordPress Kama Thumbnail plugin