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Easily embed videos(Flash & HTML5) in your WordPress featuring Flowplayer(version 2, 3, and 5), OS FLV player, FLV Player Maxi, and MediaElement.j Now you can easily embed the FLV Flash videos in your WordPress Blog. I have packaged the three FLV Flash player - OS FLV , FlowPlayer v2, v3, and v5 , and MediaElement.js (for HTML5 player support). So you can use them freely without worries even for the commercial purpose unlike the JW player. (You can also use FLV Player Maxi but it is no longer included by default because it is licensed under non GPL compatible licenses starting from v2.7.1. You need to download it and unzip it under hana-flv-player plugin path manually to use it.) Mobile device (iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets) support How about iPod, iPad, and iPhone suppo

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207 websites use the WordPress Hana Flv Player plugin