Gallery And Caption WordPress Plugin

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Upgrades behavior of native galleries and captions in posts with dynamic animations and styling. Captions can be grouped into 'mini' galler This plugin upgrades the gallery and caption features of wordpress (disabling it will restore the original behavior). Gallery and caption images now zoom out from the page (with configurable effects) and provide navigation controls. The caption "chrome" is streamlined, and a new captiongroup shortcode creates attractive, styled mini-galleries allowing you to have posts with small clusters of related images together rather than one large gallery at the end, or trying to exclude images from the gallery shortcode. An HTML editor button is added to make using the captiongroup shortcode easier. To create a group of captions, you just: [captiongroup columns="3"] insert the caption images you want. Columns argument above is optional [/captiongroup] rinse and repeat for more groups in your post. No flash is required, so iPhone a

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30 websites use the WordPress Gallery And Caption plugin