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Allow users to preview and/or download/buy themes on the front end This plugin allows you to preview your themes or to allow users to preview a theme on the front end. It renders a different theme for the user on your site without changing the current theme. It also offers a download link for the previewed theme provided that the theme is in the "wp-content/themes" directory of your wordpress installation. In version 1.2 a theme shopping cart was added to enable you sell your precious premium themes. After a user buys your theme he/she will be redirected back to your site and he'll will be registered using the email he purchased with. The transaction is saved and client can now download his theme from the sidebar. There's a catch though, the client must be logged in to download his/her premium theme(s). If all your themes are free, no login is required. Users can just download whenever... Note: this plugins only pulls themes from your

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8 websites use the WordPress Front End Theme Preview plugin