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This plugin generates picture galleries from a folder using a shortcode. This plugin creates picture galleries from a folder. The pictures folder must be uploaded (using FTP) somewhere on the server (e.g. wp-content/upload). It must be writable (chmod 777). Folder Gallery Plugin does not include any lightbox JS engine anymore. You have to install one or use a compatible lightbox plugin. See FAQ. To include a gallery in a post or a page, you have to use the following shortcode : [foldergallery folder="local_path_to_folder" title="Gallery title"] For each gallery, a subfolder cache_[width]x[height] is created inside the pictures folder when the page is accessed for the first time. An Options page allow to set the default paramaters of the galleries : Lightbox JS Engine: Lightbox 2 (if installed), Fancybox 2 (if installed), Lightview 3 (if installed), Easy Fancybox Plugin (if available),

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