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This plugin allows you to include photosets and gallerys from flickr in your wordpress site, either embedded in a page or post, or as a sidebar widget This plugin allows you to embed your own or others photosets and galleries directly into your wordpress site. This plugin was designed to create a cleaner and simpler interface, both in adminstration and the frontend of the site. The only task that has to be completed to use this plugin is to get a API key from flickr. Afterwards it is as simple as plugining in options to generate the widget or to create shortcodes that can be placed on any page or post within your wordpress site. To create a shortcode first click 'Create Shortcode' and enter the various options for the photoset or gallery. Make sure to use the right 'ID' format (see FAQ's) based on whether you are adding a photoset or gallery. Click 'Save New Shortcode' and then copy and paste the shortcode into where you want it to appear within your site. For the widget the instructions are the same except for the c

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56 websites use the WordPress Flickr-stream plugin