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Add a registration form on Front-office a newsletter adminer on BackOffice : manage skins, address book, archives, answers, tracking Add a registration form on FrontOffice, a newsletter manager on BackOffice : manage skins address book archives answers Freely manage content shortcuts to add last posts or pages preview the plugin allows to use shortcodes into the newsletters Subscribe / unsubscribe form Create a new page and put the shortcode [eelv_news_form] in the content. Go to the configuration page on the wordpress admin to manage defaults values for expeditor and fill the unsuscribe page (the page wich contains the shortcode [eelv_news_form] to allow visitors to suscribe/unsuscribe your newsletter) available attributes : group=1 (Int, define in wich address book group to register e-mail addresses) subscribe=1 (bool) unsubscribe=1 (bool)

addressbook, email, mailing, newsletter, tracking

41 websites use the WordPress EELV Newsletter plugin