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Shortcodes for HTML5 video and audio, with auto-inserted links to alternative file types, and degradable performance (lightweight Flash and download). Embed video and audio on your website using shortcodes. The plugin enables HTML5 native playback for users with compatible browsers while offering an elegant degradation to other users through very lightweight Flash players. For HTML5 playback, it auto-detects and offers different alternatives, or degrades to Flash, and (failing even that) to download links. Typical usage is simply [audio src=""] The plugin will make sure this does the following: If the user has an HTML5 support for video and audio, it will play the media natively in an appropriate format. Otherwise, if the user has Flash, it will play the media in lightweight Flash players. Otherwise, there will be a link for the audio or video files so that the user can still play them using their installed softwa

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304 websites use the WordPress Degradable HTML5 audio and video plugin