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Car Demon is a PlugIn designed for car dealer and vehicle sales. Full Inventory Management, Lead Forms with ADFxml support, Dynamic Lead Routing, Staf The Car Demon PlugIn is full of features. It has a general contact form, service appointment form, service quote form, trade-in form, a finance application and a vehicle information form all with AdfXml support. It also contains a powerful inventory management tool with optional VinQuery Decode Integration, compare vehicles tool, multiple location support and a whole lot more. What can Car Demon do? Car Demon is a powerful tool that manages the most important aspects of a vehicles sales website. It's used for more than just Car Dealers, it's used for selling RVs, Boats, Campers, Motorcycles, Trailers, Semi-Trucks and even Planes. If you're building a car dealer or vehicle sales website Car Demon gives you the wicked powers you need. Full Featured Inventory Control Use the inventory shortcode, [cd_inventory] and drop your vehi

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75 websites use the WordPress Car Demon plugin