3D WP Tag Cloud-M WordPress Plugin

Theme Name: 3D WP Tag Cloud-M  

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3D WP Tag Cloud-M creates multiple 3D tag clouds widget. This is a Multiple Clouds variation of 3D WP Tag Cloud. It creates multiple instances widget that draws and animates HTML5 canvas based tag clouds. Plugin may rotate 15 types of content: Pages, Recent Posts, Blogroll (External Links), Menus, Blog Archives, List of Authors, Current Page/Post Links, Links from a customer's HTML container, Post Tags, Post Categories, Portfolio Categories, Portfolio Items, Portfolio Filters, Slider Categories and Slider Items. It supports 90 shapes: letter A, parabolic ANTENNA, APPLE-1, APPLE-2, AXES, lighthouse BEAM, BALLOON, BALLS, BLACKHOLE, BLOSSOM, BOWTIE, BULB, BUTTERFLY, CANDY, CAPSULE, concentric CIRCLES, CROWN, CUBE, CYLINDER that starts off horizontal, CYLINDER that starts off vertical, DANCERS, DIAMINITY, DIAMOND, DNA that starts off horizontal, DNA that starts off vertical, DOMES, EARING, EGG, EGG BOX, EXCAVATOR, Ch

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15 websites use the WordPress 3D WP Tag Cloud-M plugin